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Songwriting Structures – common forms for combining song elements such as the verse, hook, and chorus NEW!


Ask music questions and receive free answers.


Music as Tradition, “Transcendence,” or Both NEW!

How does a piece of music establish meaning?  In many cases, the composer builds on familiarity, and then either transcends that familiarity, penetrates it further, or both.


How to Practice Arpeggios – ideas on learning and practicing broken chords NEW!



Theory Thoughts

Part writing basics – The use of contrary motion in part writing, and other basic rules for voice leading.



Of Interest


Obtaining Insurance Coverage as a Composer or Musician NEW!

Why good insurance is very important for musicians during a medical or other emergency, and how to find musician’s insurance.


Announcing the LIFTOFF! Music Forums!we have just opened some boards for discussion of music composition, piano, and other topics. NEW!


Sources of Ideas for Compositions NEW!

Whether you are experiencing writer’s block, or you just want to find fresh sources of inspiration, this article presents a variety of ways to find musical ideas.


CD’s are marked with recording codes DDD, AAD, and AAA.  An explanation of these codes and how to use them when buying CD’s is here.  NEW!


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