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Introducing children to classical music has been shown to have many positive effects, such as improving brain development, enhancing different intelligence types, and building social and emotional skills.  Below are some suggestions for introducing young students to classical music:


1.  Read stories with classical music accompaniment – choose a piece of music that fits the mood of the story.  Have students read the story out loud with the music and maintain a sense of timing with the feelings of the pieces.


2.  Use classical music for break or nap times – tell students the name and composer of the music, and discuss how the music affects them or makes them feel.


3.  Have interpretive dance or creative movement sessions – play the music and encourage the students to dance or sing as well


4.  Accompany art sessions with music – play classical music while students are drawing, painting, or coloring.  Encourage them to express what the music makes them feel in their artwork.


5.  Incorporate classical music in other activities or games – some CD/cassette programs include music activities, or games can be played for identifying pieces of music, periods of history the music is from, etc.



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